"Hazaka Plant" uses the ability of microorganisms to ferment and decompose organic waste

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Message from the President

This page introduces the Message from the President of Kennan Eisei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

Since the beginning of the earth, a circulation where the organic matter created from the soil and is returned to the soil has been repeated continuously. This is the providence of nature, in short, the "natural resource recycling system". However, the concept of "disposing" waste has been shutting down this circulation.

The waste and environmental issues which have erupted in recent years are related to the "interruption of this circulation".

The Hazaka Plant is a system to recover the natural circulation which has been interrupted till now. We are challenging the circulation of life based on the major concepts of creating soil for the 21st century, and local resource recycling.

Kennan Eisei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Masaru Hazaka, Representative Director