"Hazaka Plant" uses the ability of microorganisms to ferment and decompose organic waste

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Publications & Media Coverage Information

This page introduces the publications and media coverage of Kennan Eisei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Introduction of Publications

Bacteria wo yobuotoko (A Man Who Summons Bacteria)
Author: Masaru Hazaka
Price: \1,575 (including tax)

Main Television Broadcasts

As of December 2012
Broadcast Date TV Station Program Title
November 14, 2003 TV Asahi "News Station, Series on Environmental Oriented Nation"
May 14, 2002 NHK Education "Kazuki Enari's Livelihood Detective Team"

Main Newspaper Articles

As of November 2012
Published Date Newspaper Article Title
January 17, 2012 Yomiuri Shimbun Reformation of Growing Rice in Japan - Organic Rice Competing with TPP
May 19, 2011 The Sankei Shimbun Highland Organically Grown Vegetables Start Shipment Yabu-shi, Hyogo
June 30, 2010 Muroran Minpo Toyoura-cho Distributes Fishery Compost to Households - To be used for Home Gardens
April 27, 2005 Kobe Shimbun Growing with Compost Power, Released Koshihikari Grown in Oya-cho, Yabu-shi
September 25, 2001 Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun Reihoku Compost Center Starts Trial Run, Operation Starts in November
February 5, 2001 Kenmin Fukui Composting Plant Completed, Trial Runs Start at Rokuroshi
August 25, 2000 Kochi Shimbun Tosa-cho Compost Center Completed
November 7, 1999 Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper Aiming for Cycloid Type Agriculture, Composting Facility Hazaka Plant
March 1, 1999 Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbunsha Hazaka Plant Produces Fully Ripened Compost
January 14, 1998 Saitama Shimbun Waste Paper also Becomes Compost (Saitama Prefectural Livestock Center)
January 7, 1998 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Bacteria wo yobu otoko (A Man Who Summons Bacteria) "Half a Lifetime of Masaru Hazaka" Book Published
August 27, 1997 Fukushima Mimpo Expands Production of Organic Compost while Treating Waste, Killing Two Birds with One Stone
April 19, 1997 Chunichi Shimbun Organically Grown Vegetables Provided from Next Year
March 15, 1997 Minami-Nippon Shimbun Compost and Circulation, Only 25 Days until Fully Ripened
August 23, 1996 The Sankei Shimbun Changing Waste to "Active Soil" - Recycling by Natural Ability -
July 2, 1996 Japan Agricultural News Key Technology of 21st Century Agriculture
May 21, 1996 Kahoku Shimpo Fully Ripened Compost Expands Nationwide
April 10, 1996 Asahi Shimbun Organic Fertilizer with Less Odor Produced from Livestock Excreta & Garbage
December 20, 1995 Nikkei Restaurants Hazaka Plant Attracting Attention with Garbage Composting
October 28, 1995 Nikkan Kensetsu Shinbunsha Kennan Eisei Kogyo Co. Ltd. Celebrates Completion of New Company Building
September 6, 1994 Shokuniku Tsushin "Hazaka Plant" Produces Organic Waste into Fully Ripened Compost in 25 Days
August 12, 1994 Kahoku Shimpo Garbage Treatment Evaluation, Supports Dissemination of "Hazaka Plants"
June 2, 1994 Asahi Shimbun Development of Patented Plant, Produces Compost from Waste
January 21, 1994 Nikkei Newspaper Changes Organic Waste to Compost, Hazaka Plants Introduced Nationwide
November 23, 1993 Kahoku Shimpo Recycling Waste into Compost, New Plant Obtains High Evaluations
June 12, 1993 Nikkei Newspaper Compost Plant of Organic Waste, Highly Effective for Shell Treatment
January 27, 1993 Agricultural Insurance Newspaper Mr. Kenzo Ono, Tsunoda-shi, Practices Recycling Oriented Agriculture
September 28, 1991 Industrial Waste Times Prefectural Sewage Sludge being Treated
September 20, 1991 Nihon Kogyo Gijutsu Shimbun Fermentation Composting System "Hazaka Plant" Attracting Attention
March 19, 1991 Nikkei Newspaper Changing Sludge to Compost through Fermentation