"Hazaka Plant" uses the ability of microorganisms to ferment and decompose organic waste

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Nationwide Hazaka Plants

This page introduces the nationwide Hazaka Plants.

There are 15 Hazaka Plants in operation nationwide, from Hokkaido to Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu (as of November 2012). When Toyoura, Ono, Oya, Tosa or Reihoku are clicked, the page will change to the detailed introduction screen. The comments of the personnel in charge and commercial compost are introduced on these pages.

  • (1) Hazaka Plant Hamatonbetsu

  • (2) Hazaka Plant Toyoura

  • (3) Hazaka Plant Akita

  • (4) Hazaka Plant Headquarters

  • (5) Hazaka Plant Abukuma

  • (6) Hazaka Plant Sukagawa

  • (7) Hazaka Plant Nikko

  • (8) Hazaka Plant Saitama

Construction Track Record of Hazaka Plant

In Order by Year of Construction
As of November 2012
Established Entity (Facility Name) Main Processing Material (Number of Fermentation Lanes) Year Completed
Kennan Eisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Plant No. 1, Headquarters) Organic waste (4 lanes) August 1984
Kennan Eisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Plant No. 2, Headquarters) Organic waste (8 lanes) March 1991
Akita Agricultural Public Corporation (Agricultural Producers Cooperative Corporation, Akita Kakin) Poultry farm excreta (2 lanes) February 1995
Hokkaido Agricultural Public Corporation (Hamatonbetsu Livestock Center) Cattle excreta & fishery products (3 lanes) December 1995
Saitama Prefecture (Saitama Prefectural Livestock Experiment Station) Livestock excreta (1 lane) June 1997
Tosa-cho, Kochi Prefecture (Tosa-cho Compost Center) Cattle excreta (2 lanes) May 2000
Fukui Agricultural Public Corporation (Agricultural Producers Cooperative Corporation, Soil) Cattle excreta (3 lanes) November 2000
Iwanuma-shi, Miyagi Prefecture (Kennan Purification Center) Dewatered sludge (2 lanes) July 2001
Reihoku-machi, Kumamoto Prefecture (Reihoku-machi Compost Center) Cattle excreta, garbage, sewage sludge (2 lanes) August 2001
Minamisatsuma-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture (Compost Station Yukinosato) Cattle excreta, garbage (2 lanes) December 2001
Yabu-shi, Hyogo Prefecture (Oya Compost Center) Cattle excreta (2 lanes) March 2003
Fukawa Yokei Agricultural Cooperative Association (Fukawa Yokei Compost Center) Poultry farm excreta (3 lanes) June 2004
Heiwabussan Co., Ltd. (Composting Facility, Sanfu) Organic waste (4 lanes) December 2004
Toyoura-cho, Hokkaido (Toyoura-cho Compost Center) Fisheries waste (2 lanes) January 2005
Fuji Foods Corporation (Nikko Plant) Bean sprouts (3 lanes) September 2005
Ishiigumi Co., Ltd. (Niigata Compost Center) Organic waste (4 lanes) November 2005