"Hazaka Plant" uses the ability of microorganisms to ferment and decompose organic waste

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Privacy Policy

This page describes the Privacy Policy of Kennan Eisei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Kennan Eisei Kogyo shall, in order to handle personal information, comply with the following items established in our privacy policy. Our company shall declare that all personal information, including the personal information of customers will be handled safely and appropriately.

  • 1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • We comply with the policies, guidelines and etc. stipulated by the laws and regulations and governmental agencies.
  • 2.Establishment of Management Structure
  • We have established a management structure within the company to clarify the division of responsibilities.
  • 3.Compliance with Internal Policies, Regulations, Guidelines, etc.
  • We shall comply with the established internal policies, internal regulations, guidelines and etc.
  • 4.Implementation of Security Measures
  • We take appropriate security measures to prevent illegal access to information, loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure and etc. of information.
  • 5.Implementation of Training and Educational Activities
  • We provide training and educational activities to our employees, aiming for the acquisition of knowledge and improvement in the consciousness, in order to perform the management of information. We also ensure that all employees are aware of the importance of handling personal information, so that information is managed appropriately.
  • 6.Cooperation with Business Consignees
  • In the consignment of business concerning information management to other companies, we shall select companies who have sufficient experience and abilities in the handling of personal information. In order to conclude an agreement, we shall stipulate the items concerning the duties of confidentiality to ensure that the information is managed appropriately.
  • 7.Business Improvement Measures
  • We perform periodic checks to ensure that the information is managed appropriately, and continuously take measures for business improvement.
  • 8.Measures against Incidents
  • If an incident should occur, we will take the appropriate measures including recurrence preventive measures to minimize the damage, and promptly disclose the necessary information.
  • 9.Clarification of Contact Point
  • In order to respond to inquiries, complaints and requests from customers, we shall stipulate the contact point and promptly respond in good faith.
  • 10.Disclosure of Policy
  • We openly disclose this policy on information security including this policy to the public by publishing these policies on our homepage and etc.

Kennan Eisei Kogyo Co., Ltd.