Hazaka Plant Tosa

Main Business:Business for Overall Reorganization of Livestock Industry
Address:Tosa-cho, Kochi Prefecture
No. of Lanes:2
Throughput (m3/day):20m3
Main Raw Materials:Cattle excreta, garbage, chaff, etc.
Year Constructed:May 2000

Comments of Person in Charge

I have been in charge of this plant since 2004, the year the Hazaka Plant was introduced. After this plant was introduced, we were able to recycle livestock excreta and garbage generated in the community as compost. My responsibility is to maintain the environment of the plant, so that the microorganisms can pleasantly be active in this fermentation tank. The reputation of the completed compost is excellent, and I use this compost myself on the farmland within the site to grow vegetables, and fresh and delicious vegetables have been grown with this compost.

Tosa Compost Center
Onsite Person in Charge: Mr. Sawada

Plant and Fermentation Processing Conditions

Inside of Plant

During Fermentation

Discharge Outlet

Farmland within Site & Compost Product

Farmland within Site (1)

Farmland within Site (2)

Taihi-kun (Compost Product)

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