Returning to the soil, returning to nature


  • The origin of the Hazaka Plant is the “production of compost” in the traditional way of Japan.

    Abiding by nature’s providence, creating “living soil” from organic waste, and returning it to nature—.
    That is what “Hazaka Plant” aims to do.

    About Hazaka Plant

  • Hazaka Plant Research Center, for the sake of creating tomorrow.

    At Hazaka Plant Research Center, we conduct research and presentations on various fields such as the field of microorganisms, the field of compost, soil, waste and waste analysis, and so on./p>

    Research Contents

  • What we want to realize is a society that recycles the resources of the region.

    21st century soil creation that revives the natural cycle that has been interrupted. We will continue to fulfill the role of a hinge that connects waste and nature.

    Our hopes

The recycling of resources that Hazaka Plant creates

Hazaka Plant is a facility which performs high-speed fermentation processing of organic waste in 25 days.

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